Wednesday, December 12, 2007


After the rushing about of the morning it was all systems go for our night out in London to watch Mary Poppins. Seemed to be something going off on the train, brothers disrespecting brothers no idea what something over them having it out in College. Our journey was trying to figure out why the camera isn't really taking complimentary photos, instead we end up looking like something from Cocoon. Needless to say with changing through the settings I wasn't able to change this so instead we're walking about feeling like we are glowing haha!

Made it to the Theatre with plenty of time spare and propped up at the bar to drink a glass of Mulled wine and a mince pie. Interesting combination and having never tried the wine before I was impressed. That didn't last long though as once in our seats the cup was knocked over by my girl! Cheers baby!! The performance started and camera's were a no go but this is good as you will want to see this! We well enjoyed the action and it's given us the incentive now to go and watch more performances as it's a great night out and beats the usual boring pubs and clubs.

Afterwards treated her to a gourmet meal in McDonalds before bounding off into Leicester Square to have a look around. Caught the most random image of the night, a Lion on the table in Burger King. Only in London!!