Friday, December 07, 2007

Get the party started !!

Today was the day of Christmas preparation, haven't really got too much done up until now but today I sit here feeling well in the mood. My girl started proceedings as she went out today to pick up some Christmas decorations. Meanwhile I'm at work getting well into the online shopping, when it comes to Christmas I normally roam the shopping centres and mall's but this year there is so much to get done and so little time. Made some good purchases which I hope will be well received but still have a long way to go! After work I headed to the meeting point which was home and then moved on to B&Q to pick up our Christmas tree. Picking a tree is a chore as what I find odd is that instead of having all the trees loose and on display there already bagged. So you have to unbag them to see what they look like and then rebag them. My girl picked a good one though and after dropping everything off I headed over to my parents to pick up my son...

He was in a lively mood, I would have had my daughter as well but she was to be staying with her mother due to a miscommunication otherwise she would have been with me too. Anyway we got to my girls house and now busy sorting out where the tree should go! Tomorrow we are off to the capital of Sweden which is in Thurrock, oh yeah!!!