Sunday, December 16, 2007


After shopping today I headed out with some friends last night to catch up and have a few drinks. It's feeling enough cold though and I live no where near the majority of my friends so I decided to drive. That means no drinking as well although I had one, which is one of my favourites from TGI's but the girl clearly over did it with the Gin so won't be having one of them there again. The night was a lively affair and my group of friends are showing signs of getting old with marriages, divorces a few children as well which could fill half a class room ha! Most of them from me haha! We clearly had no rhythm on the dance floor and it was funny being a spectator being the driver boy as this would be how I normally end up! Anyway having parked my car on a meter I had to head off before close but the night was a success so definitely going to do it again soon!