Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rush, rush, rush

So much to do but so little time in which to do it, last nights drive to pick up the kids was well on it as it was so foggy out and well dangerous on the roads. Today it seems a bit better but still visibility isn't great. After a rushed morning and some Rembrandt moment from the boy we headed over to Bluewater to check out the Christmas Market and hopefully catch a sight of some Reindeer needing feeding. We were unlucky not to see this over there but what we did manage to see is the movie Enchanted. Great film I thought with a real feel good vibe. I would so love to open my window and let out a melody for animals to come and help us clean but alas after trying for 2 hours solidly on our return I feel it's Hollywood tricking me yet again. You think I would have learn as it's been a constant fail for years. Most notably the 88mph in Back to the Future, luckily no speeding tickets received or sectioning for thinking I was in another timezone. Now to get ready for my mums party, I'll have a double shot of stress, mixed with no time and not enough hands. Loving it!!!