Monday, December 24, 2007

The long night before Christmas!

What a day today was, firstly after heading to the supermarket in the morning I got an update that due to my son being ill I wouldn't be having the children that night. Kind of messed up the plans, then on returning home the other side of babies family arrived early. Then it all went pear shaped as my girl invited them in whilst she got the baby seat out of the car. This didn't work so while I am upstairs like Quasimodo a quest to the car begins and eventually the seat is retrieved. Annoying that I have to feel like I am hiding away as ideally I would love to come down and interact as I have no qualms and bottom line I am the leader here!!!! ha!! Anyway after a rollercoaster day eventually we do end up with all the children and here are the photos..

It took a while to get the group stocking photo but we got there in the end with the dog as well which was an added bonus. hmm! The only downside of the game was that my girl and baby had to go to her mums in Herne Bay, but I was to be meeting up with her the following day anyway so wasn't too bad. Showed my kids this Santa tracking site and they were well into this, so much so that they stayed up a lot longer than I expected. We do have a break from finding out where Santa was though as we went down the shops to pick up the finest Reindeer Carrots. I finished the night watching Wolf Creek, what a festive movie!!