Thursday, December 27, 2007

No one can stop us now!!

With our Christmas vouchers to spend we headed over to Bluewater today to see what was available. And I was kind of disappointed as the shop I was looking forward to spending some money in had a really disappointing sale. Although there were signs up promising up to 70% off the good stuff was no where near that figure. On top of that everything was in Large sizes and upwards and there was a lot of old seasons clothing on display. Well annoying but I will save my vouchers for something better as I have a few months until they expire. Glad that we went cinema the other day as there was a huge queue today. We weren't planning on going again so we had a meal and then headed off to relax at home. According to Scientists it's about this time of year where relationships hit meltdown due to a culmination of stress and burn out. Where holding in there although I have stocked up on grenades and sand bags just in case we hit a downward spiral!!