Sunday, December 09, 2007

Is it really all down hill??

Today after a crazy morning and then dropping off my children it was off to my girls sisters for a birthday meal. Her birthday isn't until Tuesday but today was the only day around then everyone could get together. On the way there I went my short cut way but where it has been raining there were puddles and the potholes splashing mud up my car made it look like I had been off roading. Looked hardcore pulling up to her house like that haha!! Meal was well nice and afterwards we celebrated by singing happy birthday and blowing the candles out not once but twice. My girl was loving it!!
The after party was back round my girls and here we stepped up to the plate involving the Nintendo Wii. Managed to get my girl involved as well but then due to some careless comment by me the mood with her turned sour. I need to still learn when a joke crosses that line, I hope to get there before she lands me with a black eye haha! Her parents were well on the case though and took part in several games. Tennis being the one that resulted in the game over though as the light took the full force of her dad's serve and then it was time to put the gaming to rest until hopefully Christmas when we will all be meeting up and I will be taking the console to theirs!! Bring it on, I am going to get some practice now!!!!