Tuesday, December 04, 2007

There's something out there...

Today was a slow day with not much going on, in the process of sorting out all my parking tickets I got whilst on holiday. Have to send my holiday confirmation and also a cheque for one of the fines and that's it closed! Hopefully no further problems are encountered as this is a welcome resolution, you could say that it's an early Christmas present. On arrival home tonight I was greeted by the below damage to the fence, apparently the council no longer think it's necessary to knock and ask for permission to come into the garden to trim the tree. Oh no they just jump the fence and smash it up thinking that's acceptable. You will be well recommended guys!!
Went shopping this evening just to pick up a couple of bits and check out the toy, this is the one for baby and although I should have held off for Christmas she has been playing it all evening. Need something like this for myself to write reminders, like in Friends as I have an awful memory and as much as I remind myself to do something I will always end up afterwards cursing myself haha! Watched a good film last night, The Descent about a group of girls who one year after a tragedy go on an adventure into some caves. It was a good and my girl was definitely scared, moral of it all is just don't go caving without maps then ;

  1. You won't get lost
  2. Freaks that hide in the dark won't try and eat you

Have a good day!!!!