Monday, December 03, 2007

Making the best of things

Watched this last night and it really set me back, there are so many people complaining about injustice and things not going there way but then you have someone like this guy. He has not just adapted he has evolved so that sound is such a massive sense! I found it compelling viewing and you could see his determination which I thought was admirable. Especially when they challenged his talent and found flaws as he was determined to pull through it. I was impressed how he was able to determine to duplicate objects on a table and also pick up on something really small as his focus must have been unbelievable. It makes you think about if all our senses were actually fine tuned. Maybe using something like brain training or maybe in future instead of a physical gym there will also be a mental Gym to give our intellect a work out! Anyone complaining about not being able to do something, raise your standards!!!!