Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gay Bar, Gay Bar

After a frantic start to the day with trying to get everything in order for Herne Bay, Mothers Day and the rest we eventual got all systems to optimised and running smoothly. So smoothly in fact that my long journeys have become so boring as everyone just falls asleep. Maybe it's my amazing stories, hilarious jokes, hitting the notes to the songs?!? Well whatever it is it worked for me today as there was going to be no way that I was going to be allowed to listen to the Chelsea game on the radio. In steps the Paul McKenna impression and everyone sleep! Problemo so overio!!! Sounds like it was a wicked game as well, and 'Are you nine men in disguise??' came the text message from my brother.

Cue Batman style dramatic music to inform a change or significant time has passed and we arrived in Canterbury for a night out! I checked out the 'Googles' earlier in the week and didn't see anything that stood out taking place so we just rolled up courtesy of my Girls Dad who was our Limo driver for the evening! We hit a few bars but struggled to find anywhere that really clutched on a rug cutting strings and pulled us bandy!! We did strike gold in the end though in the form of Studio 41 and a Gay Bar, Gay Bar!! GirlsAndboY's was the way for us and my Girl was sold the moment they gave her a Duck at the door. What made the night even better though was that we were able to decorate our Duck's and we loved it!!
Lets just say that it was a very eventful night and I think that we were both hit on over the course of the night. Some fella even looking to get me a drink ha!!

We had a wicked night and still had time to feed the sheep on the way home ha!