Sunday, June 08, 2008

And they're off...

Headed over to my brothers today, want to make more of an effort with all of my family as don't want to end up a stranger. The main purpose of today was to sort the car out but we were soon distracted by playing with the Dogs. Should have brought our Dog over to play as well but we will do that next time. Boy was in his element around my brothers as he is quite enthusiastic about his motorbikes, this is right up his street and for most of the afternoon he was rummaging about trying on crash helmets and gloves.

After a brief water fight which I ended before I got wet we moved on to sorting out the car. Was a chore as well, firstly the window and then the central locking. What was amazing about the central locking wasn't that it was just a fuse blown as that was expected it was the location of the fuse. There were two fuse boxes, one under the engine and the other behind the glove box. The fuse we needed to check was behind the back of the fuse box behind the glove box so after pulling everything apart there it was. We switched the fuse and happy days. Still question marks over the window but my brother is going to get some parts in! From here we hit the garden again and the children took turns to ride around on my brother's motorbike with him. Baby wasn't too sure though so she curled up on Mum and watched from a distance.

Lot's of sport activity at the moment, Euro 2008 is underway and it is great that England aren't involved as it's so much more relaxing to watch without the tension of the national side playing. Nadal destroyed Federer in their French Open final today and convincingly as well, raising the question whether Nadal will soon become the world number one. Finally Formula One and Hamilton had a 'mare, driving into the back of Kimi in the Pitt Lane. Not sure how he missed the flashing light and stationary car in front of him but there you go. This led to a BMW one, two and it's all to race for now! Sitting down to watch some more of the Euro actions and how my Girl must love me at the moment!