Saturday, June 07, 2008

Horsing around!

As expected today was a rush but it wasn't a ranting bad tempered adventure instead it was wrapped nicely and ribbon everywhere. Arrived at football and Boy started off well running about and getting stuck in, he really seemed distracted looking for my praise though so we moved into an empty court and played football with a ball we found laying about. I was on it running about and taking shots at the Eldest but she lost interest as she said I was hitting the ball too hard so I headed back to watch boy who I found to be climbing the fence to get my attention. I got him back into the zone with few words and then he seemed to get right back into it again. He nearly scored his second own goal but still he was more adventurous with his play and it's great seeing him in full stride.

My sister turned up towards the end and once the football had finished we headed off to horse riding. I picked up some forms from the stables so that I could get the Eldest into Pony Club as she is really loving riding. Watching her ride today was exciting as she was on a much bigger horse and she started off riding around on her own. Seeing as this was her second lesson I think that's a lot of progress. She was then joined by a girl who led her around and later she was riding with no hands. Great stuff!!

From here we were to head over to my brothers but a change in the plans made it so that we are to do that tomorrow. Instead after lunch we all headed over to the party to drop the older children off, the party was to celebrate their Aunts 14th birthday. On arrival to drop them off I don't think anybody there recognised me as they all looked on as if to say who's this. My children's mother wanted me to speak to her parents so I walked around and into the house. Her parents were both receptive her father seemed well chuffed to see me, putting his arm around me and speaking about how things were. After this I made my way back to the car and I suppose as word had filtered around about who I was everyone was there to greet me. They all said that it was the hair that made me look so different and that I was like a Rock star! Oh yeah!!

From here we went shopping, I think in my Sister my Girl has found an ideal shopping partner as they were both in a zone checking out clothes and asking each other opinion. I on the other hand didn't really see anything that caught my eye, Bluewater lately really seems empty for us Guys. Topman is alright but I prefer the Oxford Street store. We were over here a good few hours before heading back to complete the day by picking up the children and dropping my sister off home. With all that over it's time to crash out and put my feet up for the football highlights!