Friday, June 20, 2008

He was just 17...

Today was my brother's birthday, I phoned him to wish him many happy returns early in the afternoon and could tell from his voice that he was excited. He is my youngest brother and I am also his Godfather, both make me incredibly proud especially being held in the same breathe as Al Pacino. When I was young being sent to my bedroom was a punishment, there's no point with him as his home entertainment is the best in the house.

He has a HDTV and a standard wide screen, Sky+ and also a PlayStation3. Alright for some I guess, buying him gifts is the tough part as what do you get someone who has everything a guy his age has. Football tickets was what I was feeling and so was he when I brought it to his attention. We will go to a match together once the new season starts which should be great fun! We had the usual crazy night around my parents and a lot of humour was piled on him for being the youngest!