Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and it was very eventful, rather than being the day for me to have a relax I was up early again for Baby. Was great to open the gifts I had received but no sooner had Father's Day begun and Baby was out the door on her adventures for a few hours. She is clearly in demand at the moment! In the meantime I set about uploading all the photo's from NERD onto the PC. Time flew by and before I had a chance to get myself ready when my Partners Father arrived. The aim for the day was to build a play house for Baby and the other children to also play in. I'm not exactly Joseph the carpenter but her Father is close as his vision and foundations were amazing. We soon got to building the play house and as the structure was in place I thought it would be a good idea to get the older children.

I arrived to pick up the children at their Grandparents and was ushered in to say hello, we didn't stay long and we were on our way again to the supermarket. Having picked up everything but a Father's Day card we then moved on to quickly stop off at Clinton Cards. This whole round journey had ended up taking two hours, a lot longer than expected. Maybe there had been an alien abduction along the way or my new cautious approach to driving to conserve petrol had led to the space time continuum being disrupted. Whatever it was the truth is out there but my Partner wasn't impressed.

After enjoying a delicious dinner laid out by my Partners family I got back to work on the house with her Father and really got into stride. Eventually everyone went on their way and once I pulled myself away from the building I headed over to my parents. Once there more food was available so we got stuck in and then began playing a game in the garden with my brothers dogs. By the end of the day I was knackered and not feeling too great so I ended up crashing out early.

Still not feeling great today but the show must go on. Apparently there are some big announcements coming this week, not sure what although tomorrow sees the release of Firefox 3.0 which is expected to be downloaded a significant amount of times. Setting a world record? Who knows, and I am not sure anyone knows what holds the previous record? Surely Windows Updates are downloaded the most and will by far exceed whatever total Mozilla amass in 24 hours. It's all in the name of fun I guess, let's get it on!!!