Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am who I know who I think I am !

Our children are growing up all of the time, it amazes me how much they are learning and fine tuning their character. Baby is really cheeky and full of wonder, although she isn't at her best first thing in the morning but I think this is more to get Mum out of bed. She is into everything at the moment, today it seems she has inherited the artistic ways of her mother by drawing all over the sofa with a Biro. Nicely done! Boy is coming on leaps and bounds and is really growing up fast now. Instead of being bad tempered and uncontrollable he has become a lot more admirable. He still has his moments but he is seeing the benefit of behaving and pulling his weight.

Tonight the eldest and him made some cards and not only did he sign off with his name, he also signed his friends name as well. With a few adjustments I showed him how to write Daddy and he picked it up straight away. The eldest amazes me with her ways as she is confident and assured of what she wants from everything she does. She seems so much older than her age and is a real leader to the others. The two younger children really look up to her and with her as a role model I have no worries. I have a great little family and with three children already they keep me very active. Would I like another addition to the pack, of course I would but for the time being I am more than busy enough!