Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finish Line...

Yesterday was my daughters sports day, I took the morning off of work so that I could be there for her. I arrived and made my way across the school field to where their mother was standing with her friends. My daughter realised and was really happy that I was there to support her. Set up position at the end of the track and watched as the other children completed their races. When my daughter ran her first race we though she was in the proceeding one but noticed her as she reached the final sprint and finished third.

The next race we were more prepared and cheered her on loudly, it featured an assault course of a race with her having to carry a ring on her head, place it over a cone, sprint and then finish with skipping. She did well and was smiling as she crossed the line to be greeted by us, showering her with praise about her participation. After the children's races had finished it was the parents turn to face off against each other. Their mother wasn't feeling entering the women's race but I decided that I would test myself against the other Dads. I do absolutely no exercise so felt that I would end up embarrassing my daughter by completing the 100 metres in marathon time. Instead I rocked home in fourth although seriously Jeans was not the way!

Enjoyed the two Semi Finals over the last two games, felt for Turkey as they deserved to be in the Final. Especially as the German's looked uninterested and not like they should be even at this stage in the tournament. Spain tonight played a great match and Russia never really looked like emerging from the tie victorious. So on to the Final now as there is no playoff between the losing finalists and it's tough to call. If I were to choose, I would go with Spain as they play exciting football but you just can't rule out the Germans!!