Monday, June 23, 2008

I Want To Be Like You!!!

Yesterday was an excellent day, the weather held out and although slightly window didn't spoil our day to the Zoo. After a stuttered start we made good time in getting to Herne Bay to meet up with the rest of the family. After we had met up with everyone we set off on a convoy to Howlett's Zoo. On arrival it was packed and we learnt that a local newspaper had run a promotion that a lot of people had used to their advantage. We set about our journey around, many of the animals around the entrance were sleeping but we were impressed when we got to the Tiger pen. The Tiger was roaming around and came right up to where we were and then bathed itself in a pool!

We then moved on to the face painting here and the two youngest children got their faces painted. Boy choose a Tiger design and the birthday Girl decided that a butterfly would be the best design. Toilet break now and in walking passed the VIP area we were handed a bowl of Strawberries, result! We then checked out the Elephant enclosure and they truly are remarkable animals. Their enclosure reminded me of Jurassic Park, there was a really cute baby Elephant running about and when we sat down to eat it had crashed out on a mound. I want one of those!!

We continued on our journey around and entertained ourselves in the adventure playground. I reckon I was more animated than all of the children put together as I was on one. After icecreams we made our way on to the Gorilla area, they were in cages full of slides and swings to keep them occupied. I stood by the cage and then ended up becoming the centre of attention as a large male made his way over to where I was stood. He reached through the bars with a long stick in his hand and tried to drag an Apple towards the cage. He tried a few times unsuccessfully, at this point a few people from the surrounding crowd starting yelling for me to hand the Gorilla the Apple. I took the stick from the Gorilla, pierced it through the Apple and handed it back. In return not even a thank you, there's gratitude for you! From here we made our way back towards the entrance and after checking out the Rhino's and what I presume to be a cousin to the Fox a Dhole we made our way back to the family home in Herne Bay.

At home we celebrated Baby's birthday with a cake and she opened some more presents. Then after dinner it went off with a water fight before I headed off with the older children and managed to get home to catch the finale of the football. With Russia beating Holland yesterday I felt that it could have gone either way. Spain are like England always having potential but not delivering when it comes down to the crunch. Tonight was different and even though England aren't in the tournament there are enough of the Premier Leagues players making an impact. Tonight it was Cesc Fabregas who took all the headlines as he scored the deciding penalty to take Spain into the Semi Final against Russia. A break from football now until at least Wednesday anyway!!