Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox aiming for record!

Mozilla FirefoxImage via WikipediaJust over an hour ago the long awaited Firefox 3.0 made it's debut, obviously demand has been overwhelming and currently when I try to access the site I am just getting a white screen. The release is expected to break records and when I last checked the site in place for people to pledge their intention to install the browser it was close to 1.7 million.

Just reading some of the comments over on FriendFeed and it doesn't look like any of the crowd I follow have been successful yet. I'm going to follow developments and watch as this unfolds and as soon as I am able to download the browser and read the feedback from others I will post an update on here!


The hype worked as now that the 24 hour period has passed, the numbers are in that Firefox 3 was downloaded 8.3 million times. It is yet to be verified by Guinness but should be more than enough to secure the download record in the new category. I have update the related articles below to provide further information.

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