Monday, June 30, 2008

New balls please...

Congratulations to Spain for winning Euro 2008, they remained unbeaten through the tournament and didn't play negatively. Last night Torres scored the goal that mattered, chipping the ball over Lehmann to find the net. I believe had David Villa been on the field that the score would have been very different as Germany were there for the taking.

Now without football until the start of the season where to look for excitement. Of course there is Wimbledon and it's been a good tournament so far although I expect the men's Final to feature both Nadal and Federer as it has done for the last two years! This year there has seen a change at Wimbledon though as fans are now able to camp over night to purchase tickets. Sounds good but when I read about pitching tents and Murray's Mound I am left wondering what else is going on.

In fact for excitement I could look a lot closer to home work as the bank that I work above was robbed today. We only found out as an interviewer called their Agency who called us to say that they would be unable to attend due to a robbery having taken place. We laughed but then we realised that she was telling the truth!!