Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's almost over now!

What a day, lots of rushing about but it was worth it, firstly it was a fast start as I headed over to meet up with the older children and their mother. Had to meet up with her and take over the football/horse riding clothing, normally I take them but today we're heading up London. I arrived at football and Boy got straight into action, I stayed for a short while to watch him play but he was clearly distracted by both of us being there for the first time together. Showing off and not really interested, so they switched him to an attacker in the game they were playing and he relished it. Here was my chance to make a move and after stopping off to pick up my Girl who had waited in for Baby to go off on an adventure.

We soon arrived in Liverpool Street and walked in the direction of Shoreditch, as we walked along several Planes flew over us in formation. Must have been an airshow taking place as there were loads of them roaring above us. I was going through the photo's on my phone when looking up I noticed Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys coming towards us. I think I must have looked proper star struck as he just put his head down and carried on going through his phone. I would have loved to have stopped him to speak to him but I think I was too in awe to speak. How weak, probably my only opportunity to speak to the guy who's music dominates my iPod and I became the lost shadow puppet!

We walked passed the Banksy Flower and were gutted to see that it had been ruined by vandals who had sprayed over it. We then headed to the Brick Lane Gallery to check out the art, we were both impressed by Alexandros Vasmoulakis and will invest in his work when we have enough to invest. We then came across a shop just off of Brick Lane that make the best clothes, every item is made in the store so are all individual and unique. Will definitely head down there once I get paid, the women's section was amazing and my Girl picked out several pieces that she adored.

We then headed en route to Brixton ready for the main event to see N*E*R*D, we got there really early so waited in a bar watching the football until it got close to the doors opening. We were surprised by what we saw when we eventually took up our place in the queue as it was huge. It stretched almost right around the block but it was well worth it. I will write more tomorrow as it's really late but here are two videos from the concert...