Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seesmic Shift

I have written about Twhirl a few times before but in case you aren't familiar, Twhirl is a desktop client for the popular microblogging service Twitter. It allows you to post short 140-character updates about what you are doing and also interact with the people you are following. You can also Tweet the messages to Pownce and Jaiku although you can't follow the discussion in the same way you can with Twitter.

Back in April Twhirl added FriendFeed support which came in the form of a new window, great addition so now not only are we able to communicate through Twitter in a messenger type service but also catch up with all of our friends online activities from blogging, sharing etc which in turn generates discussion via adding Comments and Likes. It's been long expected that Seesmic the power behind Twhirl would introduce Seesmic videos and today I came to work to be introduced to this service. I haven't embraced videocasting yet but now that this is available I am giving it some serious thought. It's definitely something that interests me it's now about finding my pitch! So far we can only play videos and view the thread but they are working on introducing recording as soon as possible. I better get to rehearsing!!!

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