Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Little House on the Prairie"

Football today was a riot as trying to hype my Son up on the journey was a real laugh, in the car I was talking to him about scoring and using all his energy to play. Players listen to music to get them in the mood so our choice was the Captain Jack Sparrow tune. He was well on it, rocking his Captain armband and telling me how much of an impact he was going to make. He did well, playing more matches than the other children and only really losing interest towards the end. After dropping him off at my Partners, I headed to Horse Riding with the eldest. She is really confident now and was hoping that she would be able to ride around on her own without an aide but they didn't let her. I don't think it will be too long as she listens to everything she is told and the main trainer is full of praise.

After the morning adventures I settled in the garden to finish the work on the Playhouse. My partners father is amazing with his carpentry, in the time it took me to cut enough small sections to put around the door he had built the door. We worked together and I only missed the nail once but that time I missed I hit his nail. With that said I think we were a good team and the end product is looking good. All it needs now is the paintwork finished and I am moving in!!