Monday, June 02, 2008

No claim to in the frame!

So today was the day I decided that I would sort out my car insurance renewal, it expires tomorrow night so this evening I am registering on sites to find the best deal available. Wish that I had created a random email address as no doubt I will end up receiving a load of suspicious mail over the coming weeks! What I don't get is protecting your no claims bonus, okay the bonus part is a give away but even if you are protected you still have to detail accidents. It's like announcing that you are a really bad driver and that this protection is like a shield of invincibility! I will probably be glued to the screen for a few hours yet as I am seeing a range of offers and better deals all the time!

Been watching the MTV Movie Awards this evening and I wish I could move like Chris Brown. The way he dances is unbelievable, I think it is only a matter of time before he asserts himself a the top of his genre. Justin Timberlake should be looking over his shoulder, Usher was also up there as well but I haven't really been blown away by his new album. It sounds good with the beat we have come to know Usher for but it seems to be missing some ingredients. Looking forward to the N.E.R.D album set to be released soon which should be good. For now it's back to searching for the best offers whilst watching The Lost World!