Sunday, June 01, 2008


Animation of Siteswap 3, also known as a 3 ball cascadeImage via WikipediaMy life seems to just get busier all the time, as you may have read yesterday with the hobbies this is just one aspect of my growing nirvana. I just need to find the perfect balance for everything, how to manage the juggling of the lifestyle schedule I have created. You won't find me underneath a blossoming tree, legs crossed and hands together. Unless there is wifi! Instead of conducting everything in an orderly manor I am the complete opposite. I am, I have every intention of keeping it in a workable condition it's just that there aren't enough hours! I need a PA as there are too many distractions trying to get my attention!

My family are the main priority and keeping them all working from the same sheet, no easy task at times when they are all together as it's very demanding. My partner handles it all much better than me, ether that or she is just better at keeping composed. She is a star, the children love her and I don't know at times what I would do if I didn't have her by my side. We have amazing children and every day they make me so proud as they are perfect in every way. We have our families as well who I feel for as with our busy schedule we don't get to see them all as much as we would like. There's also our extended families who are there to keep us on our toes should we ever have a lapse in concentration. Overall having a family is a full time job but it's an enjoyable occupation.

Work as much as I would like to sit under falling blossom and listen to harps playing is going to be a large part of my life for a few more years yet. Need to make a start soon to obtain a better education so I can start climbing the ladder to world domination. I like my current job although whether it will get me to where I want to be I don't know.

I have made some good friends over the years both at work and as I have made my journey over the last decade. Keeping up with what they get up to has proved tough as this is one of the areas where I feel I drop the ball in allowing other aspects of my life to take priority. That's where I am thankful for social networking and although many people criticise the intrusion at times it brings our friends closer to us.

The Internet and Social Media are also something I follow intently, the latest developments and stories. Reading blogs and signing up to the next 'Killer app' are of great interest to me at the moment. So much so that gaming has taking a back seat for the time being. Instead of trying to work through levels and defeat the final boss I find myself reviewing my situation and through the sites I follow will hopefully find the next step in my employment and interact with new friends along the way.

Finally there is the sports that I follow, largely football which at times causes me such disappointment and frustration but I love it all the same. The direction of Chelsea and will England ever be world beaters again. Formula One is another sport I love and I hope over the next five years that I will be able to get to a race at some point.

With all that said and done, if you would like the opportunity to be my PA then send across your CV's as I need to find harmony. The perfect balance so that I am able to enjoy everything to the fullest. I think I just have time to settle down for a movie now in my busy schedule, have a good one ;)
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