Thursday, June 19, 2008

They say that practice makes perfect

They say that practice makes perfect, not surprisingly I still haven't perfected anything! At the moment I am working on a couple of projects which I am worried I have spread myself to thinly across and not allowed myself enough time to complete the tasks at hand. Been working on the house in the garden for the last few days and that is coming together nicely. Still a lot to do but I am going to need to pick up some more wood to complete it. Don't think it will be ready for Baby's birthday Sunday. Even less than complete is the Doll's House that we have which came stack packed and needing to be painted. Made a start on this tonight but we got through the Spray Cans before finishing so another unfinished job. Also with my partner we have started to put together a website for her to build up an online art portfolio. Hoping to have them all complete by the end of the month. Stay tuned...

Yesterday I headed over to see the older children at my parents house. They had prepared food for me and were both ecstatic about this achievement. I came through the door and before I had walked in the front room and sat down had I been given a mouthful of food. After eating we practised playing football in the garden and although it started slowly it ended with loud cheers as we perfected our goal celebration. My daughter would pass to me and I in turn would cross the ball into the Boy's path and he would tap in. This would be followed by tops off and excessive yelling and jumping around. Lets hope that this will be in full show Saturday. Just finished watching the football now actually and running through some work on the Laptop. Congratulations to Germany who are the first team through to the Semi-Finals of Euro 2008. Their match against Portugal was an excellent clash and I am looking forward to the next matches leading on towards the Final. Can anyone stop Holland?