Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The view from the evening,,,

In the Nineties for me it was all about Oasis, Liam Gallagher for me was the man up until the failed American tour where they blew their chance at cracking the States and the umpteenth breakup. Now in the Noughties it's all about the Arctic Monkey's and I honestly could never get bored of listening to them. From the Ritz to the Rubble, to work and home again they just get me in the mood to get on the dancefloor. Just indoors listening to them now after a night at my parents with the older children. My Girl and Baby have gone over to her parents to visit, plus where she has had her operation (four teeth removed) she is getting some rest and assistance with Baby whilst I am at work!

When I arrived the children were in the garden playing, I stood in the doorway watching them for a while. With children as much as you want to yell out to them to announce you're there it is great just to watch them play. See their minds at work creating fun games and using their imagination to create fantasy worlds! They soon noticed my presence and from there it was a riot in the garden and then on to hide and seek. I was worn out afterwards, so were they though and ready for bed when I took them back to their mother's! The plan was supposed to be for us to head over to my brothers for him to work on my car. That though will now roll over to Saturday and then likely on further still but I have faith it will be soon!

I have been checking out a Twitter clone lately, it goes my the name of Plurk! At the moment I am still undecided on it as although the Twitter outages and downtime are an annoyance it still has the feel of home. Plurk is like staying over at a friends house when you are younger, it's all exciting and new but then as Dorothy puts it there is no place like home. It is set up well and isn't just a clone of the twitter interface, instead it has a timeline and much like the Facebook status (is) it allows you to specify your action from a list. You also gain Karma for your activity and this in turn unlocks new goodies for you to make your page more exciting than a bright light to a fly. I haven't felt my face drawn to the screen like a force drawing me in just yet. I like it but I feel it's just a fad, it's the Malibu Stacey with the beautiful new accessory. Next week will be the discovery of a new killer app that will have everyone diving to get their name and sharing their comparison's. I just want the Malibu Stacey with the heels and clutch bag, right that's enough from me for now!!

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