Friday, June 06, 2008

Time to relax...

Just about to go through a software migration at work so things are picking up at the moment and it's getting a lot busier. That said the amount of clutter on my Desktop now, with all of the sites, Outlook, Databases and tools I use for work and also the web sites, Messenger and Air applications I use to keep up on my web activity the system is very busy. Today was hectic, I feel Monday will be even more on it as there will be the normal peak in calls after the weekend. Ah, Monday the day of the WWDC! Can't wait for that as I am sure there will be some very big announcement. Can feel the buzz building for it already although I am sure by Monday morning it will be at fever pitch!

Tonight after a week of being on my own I will be reunited with all of the family in one big explosion of hypercolour. My Girl and Baby had been to visit her parents and the older children have been with their Mother. No real plans for this evening although after watching the start of Big Brother last night I might just check that out. The usual random oddballs although this time there is a couple in there. I am sure that they won't last too much longer in the relationship if Big Brother has it's way. Already being set a task to pretend that they aren't together and that the guy is in a relationship with one of the other contestants. It's going to get messy!

With the children having all their activities Saturday morning it will be like the start of a race tomorrow. And a few activities on the agenda as well with football, horse riding, the children have a party and I also want to get my brother to take a look at the car. Then there is the start of Euro 2008 and Sunday the French Open finale and the Montreal Formula 1 race to enjoy. Of course the weather is picking up so don't want to be stuck in all weekend so I am sure there will be muchos rushing around. Who ever said the weekend was for taking it easy!
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