Sunday, June 29, 2008

Show Stopper!

Been watching footage of Glastonbury over the last couple of days, really wish that I had managed to get tickets as from reading the preview in NME and seeing the lineup I am envious of those who attended. I watched Amy Winehouse yesterday and she amazes me, she has a unique voice but the way she staggers about it makes me wonder where it is all leading. Still she provided a great performance although this was marred by her attacking a fan who supposedly pulled her hair. I wasn't sure what I had seen when I watched it on BBC2 but I checked the Internet afterwards and reports were coming through confirming what I thought.

The big story from this years Glastonbury has been the decision to have Jay Z headlining. Admittedly it was a risk as the festival isn't known for it's Hip Hop ties but having watched the above clip it seems that Jay Z answered his critics. I personally don't have a problem with him headlining as I am not a follower of one set genre instead I like to listen to as much variety as possible. Noel Gallagher on the other hand resented that a Hip Hop artist was the headline act. You have to hand it to Jay though; walking out on to the stage to Oasis Wonderwall was a move that proved to be affective and set him up for what reports say was a good performance!! Be interesting to see where the festival will go next and Amy Winehouse has stated that she would like to headline next year, we shall see!!