Friday, June 27, 2008

Long in the Tooth!

Today we celebrated my Dad's birthday, I spoke to him late in the afternoon and he was indoors putting up some banners. He does make me laugh with his ways and I feel that the years have been good to him as he hasn't really aged. Either that or my perception of him and my mother remains the same since I was in my youth. I still see both of them as being quite young but the truth being I will be entering the age bracket they were in as I was a teen within a few years. My mother summed it up well as she said to me that you're as young as you feel and I believe that to be true!

The night was good and we had a lot of fun, it wasn't my weekend to have the older children but with their mother working it made sense for them to stay with me. I played in the garden with all the children and in a nod to the festival season we ended up running around inside a tent. Try and create an image of this as I am afraid that no one was at hand to capture the moment although I am sure that my sister ceased the opportunity!!