Sunday, March 11, 2007

If you see us in the club we'll be acting real nice

That's right mix it up with us as we don't go out with a bad vibe we go out to entertain and to set about the dance floor like our lives depended on it. Tonight we were like that program about the two Islands, with the Tigers and the Sharks. One group were going to the Venue and the other Air and Breathe. Firstly though it was to Crayford and although I wasn't the first to arrive as I came across the room my friend yelled 'Doctor is in the house' kind of embarrased here and without a fast response I let off a coy wave and nodded my approval to him before acknowledging the others.

Everyone was out in force as well as they were a lot of us out and I would say close to thirty which is a decent turn out. Got reunited with my friend who don't see too much of at the moment. He was my wingman at one point but now we rarely see each other as he is off like a Hobo travelling around pastures new. Whilst we were all getting the feel for the evening there was a football match being played between to half decent sides. The teams were Barcelona and Real Madrid and what a game this was. I didn't stand there boring out but it was hard not to as some of the skill was quality. When Ronaldinho picked up the ball at the end it just had GOAL stamped all over it and when he hit the through ball to Messi there was only going to be one outcome and that was him completing his hat trick. Argentinian Rooney, please this boy is well out there as one of the most exciting talents to grace the hallowed turf in a while.

Anyway after a few drinks, cheering, laughing, attempting to sing and speaking about my girl I received a call from her which was quality. I knew she would be phoning as she told me so earlier online through Messenger. I knew earlier where I would be having a drink that the call would be an adventure but that's what makes drunken calls so much fun. I know there is no one I would rather speak to at the moment. Spoke to her for a while and luckily for me the bouncer let me back in twice but where I chased my mate out and yelled at everyone else going passed in a cab the obvious answer on the third attempt was always going to be No. Although I was allowed to get my non existant coat but felt bad as my other friend wasn't allowed re-entry so we headed to Dartford with our strop on hahaha. Not really as we rolled into the club and just got straight into it.

Managed to pull of one lap of the club but then just bolted into the RnB room and this is where we stayed as we met up with some other members of the Tiger club and we had a Roar up with the dancing. Somehow I managed to cut my finger again but it wasn't as bad as last week. No idea what I do to hurt myself but I suppose in the fit that I call dancing it's always going to end up in a bad way. Was so funny the moves we were executing, my friend managed to pull of some low winds and some bike moves. The girls were on form as well but then they kind of went into their own world and it was a mixture of sheep herding, Ghostbusters, the limbo and Narnia through the Wardrobe and onwards. I was impressed at their creativity as it reminded me of that show where they had to use an object for joke sketchs, can't recall the name. They seemed on a wind up getting the bouncers in the mix but I was just happy to pull off a back flip and a triple sweep leg hop. Okay so my dance moves never happened but blah they never really found Narnia.

Eventful night to say the least, and it will be interesting to see how the Tigers compare to the Sharks. This concept could be interesting if we were to go out and have a means to the whole Tiger/Sharks set up, think I will have to run it by the others to make a night of it. The night finished and we lazed around upstairs on the sofas for a while before being shown the route to the exit. Walking through I bumped into some other friends and chatted to them before leaving and heading for the cab office. After eventually rounding everyone up I had well got on it with the cab driver and it was like we were brothers. He was loving me and although I was wrecking him for his waving to another driver - Koooie - he started to bust out the moves and the car journey turned into something similar to a pop video. At the end of the journey he was trying to give me his number, random but hey if you got it flaunt it haha. Amazing, I was laughing still as I got dropped off and running home like a happy school boy with my first 'magic' magazine hahaha