Friday, March 30, 2007

Room for two, three ...

Okay so the coat must have been marked up wrong on the website as what I received was a tent. It's huge and I feel like Tom Hanks in Big or Doctor Who's son borrowing his fathers coat. Why is it so impossible to find a coat that looks half decent, even the belt I got wasn't how I imagined and what amazes me is that through a whole range of different clothes that 30/32 diviates so much between item to item. Oh well I suppose I will just have to return it and sulk haha. Think me and my girl are just just going to watch a movie tonight. Not really feeling going out tonight if I am honest as feeling ill as I reckon I have this flu that's going about. Can't keep up with my girl though as she is on it this week - from strains, flu, headaches, cold to concussion she is going for a clean sweep.
[NB : A blocked up nose is the best protection against virus :

Although it’s a nuisance when your nose is running, mucous is actually useful. It helps to keep germs, pollen and bacteria from getting to your lungs]