Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sky's the limit and things that go bump

It's all about being random and I am not going to change my stance, went for a sunbed last night. Had one of the lay down ones and boy did I have a sweat off as it was like a mini lake once my time had expired. I went there with my girl although where she has just come back from a break I feel like I will never rival her colouring haha. After this we picked up some food and then just crashed out for a while. Nothing really on TV so glad that she is picking up Sky today although that just means hundreds more channels with nothing on.

Not sure what time we went to sleep as we were on it for hours messing about pulling 'fun faces'. It's all about the fun haha. Sounds wrong but it was a had to be there thing and I will upload some pictures when I get a chance. Been trying to figure out what to get as my next tattoo as haven't got one for a while. Got a few ideas but the design I am feeling is a Banksy piece as into some of his designs at the moment. It's the one with the little girl reaching out to catch a heart shaped balloon.