Sunday, March 25, 2007

Make mine a Coffee

So forgeting the England performance last night which was poor I felt lost without my phone. Had an alternative one for calls but I have got used to having nights out and taking loads of random pictures. Last night me and my girl headed out and although we didn't have any plan of action we still get in the mix. With non of her friends about we were contemplating going into London but decided to settle for Bromley. The first pub we went in seemed lacking in atmosphere partly due to them not showing the football. I wasn't really interested in the game if I am honest as I have lost faith in the England team and don't rate McClaren at all. We ended up in Walkabout and the match was on here and it was no surprise seeing 0-0 as the scoreline.

And that's how it stayed until the end and the fans sulked off into the night. Not everyone left though and apart from some random incident where this group of guys dared another to pull my tie it wasn't very involved there. Me and my girl had a brief dance and chatted to my cousin before we breezed back to where we originally came from which had become more active now since people had obviously headed there since the football had finished. Stayed here a few hours and chatted to a few of her friends. There was a tilt though and I think the theme of the night should have been people who can't let go of the past. Wasn't a downer though but I think with my camera the night would have been so much more on it.

Today was alright, mainly just lazed about for the day, wasn't too sure whether I would be having my children and midday I was told that they would be going to my children's mothers parents so that was that for the weekend. Glad that yesterday went well and going to start planning some decent days out that will be good for us all. Had a funny incident this afternoon although it's one to forget so it won't be mentioned on here but still using Coffee as a work around was quick thinking if I must say haha. Going to try and upload some pictures from my camera soon as taken a few round my girls but haven't got the software on her PC to upload them. Plus with being only able to charge it so that it lasts a few minutes it's not worth taking out so seriously need to get it replaced now...