Friday, March 09, 2007

So no matter who's right or wrong, I think its finally time that I'm moving on

If you are interested in accessing all the photos I have taken (Since December) then Google have released through Blogspot Picasa Web Albums where you can access all my pictures. It's late now and I only just stumbled across it but it's handy in my opinion. Should have taken some pictures in the pub after work as we had a right laugh and usually not one for spending a night up there too long after work as I am normally heading home and out in my local bars and clubs.

Tonight I wasn't sure whether I would be having my children and although I was slightly optimistic I knew that the games are going to continue for the present. I'm not going to go into too much detail but I just hope their mother is able to get closure on the things that bother her soon. Having lived with her for over five years though I know that this won't be easy to conclude. A lot of what is going on seems really petty as we're both trying to move on and this is making things tough.

I wish her all the best, would happily be her friend and would love to be there every day for my children but we have a lot of ground to cover yet. This is more like a walk around the country though than a walk in the park. Had a laugh with my girl though this evening live and exclusive from Spain, apparently I have a fat face over web camera but then I am all up in the place for shots to be taken. Let's talk about the secrets though huh hahahaha ?!?!