Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Covent Garden Squished Tomato Soup !!

Apparently I am told that I was a little deep yesterday, maybe so but I had a random day and not worth hiding the facts. Today was better still had an offkey hour, which I will touch on shortly. Work is on it with the musical chairs again. Why they feel the need to move everyone around every couple of weeks is beyond me. Alas that is why I am not running the company yet. Lately we have developed an enjoyment of flicking elastic bands at each other, unsure why but my colleague who sits next to me hasn't got the hang of it yet. He fires it at his thumb almost every other attempt and we all roll up about it as he just can't get it.

It was a lot more quieter today, day passed by with little incident until my journey home where I got off the train to catch another from Abbey Wood. Something was going off here and these three hooded kids were in trouble with the transport police and also train staff. It went off for five minutes until someone from the same origin yelled at them. This guy was the ultimate local hero and they listened to him as well and moved on. I want him as my next tattoo haha. After this I caught the train phoned to speak to my children and got the usual earful about the usual failings. Why when I phone to help and offer money is that not enough. I fail to register maybe I am a 'bumble head'.

Football was a different tilt tonight and I feel for the Arsenal faithful as they were the better team. Man Utd were through anyway as the referee scored in the previous game but still it was good to see Larsson sign off his Utd career. Onto Celtic and they were unlucky as they kept AC Milan quiet for 180 minutes but Kaka broke their hearts. Spoke to my girl again over Internet briefly but the Messenger stopped working so I will speak to her again I think tomorrow. Anyway I am off to think happy thoughts and rub myself in cream haha...