Monday, March 05, 2007


Appears to me that quite a few people had a messed up weekend and the 'come down' effect was well in place. Seemed that loads of my friends were on it with MySpace today as well, think that I am synchronised with everyone I know haha. I am now poking myself in the cheek are you doing the same ?

I don't know, where are the weeks going as I feel like my life is in fast forward, my birthday is just over a month away. And I am thinking where I am becoming Ye Olde Joe I should do something that will be an experience. I am one of the oldest in my group of friends so I think that a Bingo Extravaganza should be the way. This is no joke either, I have set it up on my Facebook and want to get as many people out as possible. I think it will be well funny, obviously afterwards we will move onto somewhere for a dance off but mark April 8th in your diary as it's a roadblock hahaha !!