Saturday, March 17, 2007

Destination Unknown

Headed to Dartford on my lonesome, way I see it is Friday is my night so I will just stumble into the club and hope for the best. Had an interesting journey and want it to be known that I am from the future. What I mean is that the past has already happened and you can't change that but living in the future I am destiny's child. And... Question !! Say My Name dear as I'm A Soldier and you're an Independant Woman so I am off out to go Jumpin' Jumpin' and No, No, No am I going to Lose My Breath but I will Cater To You. BO I think I rather nailed that sentence.

My night out was a random one as I don't think I stayed in one group for more than fifteen minutes at a time as I was constantly moving around cycling between different people that I knew. I think it took me a good hour and a half before I met up with who's birthday we were celebrating. My friends liked my new haircut which was good as think my fringe is bold being at an angle but hey I figured time for a change.

Managed to get the dancers glow sticks after they finished as I knew them and then I set about trying to mimic the moves that they were doing. Was well funny I think I looked more like I was struggling to escape from a straight jacket if I am honest though haha.

After dancing to all the Indie and House tunes it was off to the RnB room which has had some offkey happenings the last few weeks. Wasn't as eventful but was well funny as we must have had 5+ cameras all going off taking pictures. One of the girls had a proper camera and she got some good pictures by strangely putting the camera on the floor and standing on it to take the picture. Trust me although it sounds strange it worked well haha. After the club finished we hung about for a while inside and then caught a cab home... If only everywhere was like Dartford and then the world would be a safer place haha