Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To the moon and back

Still in the hunt for a coat and last night I headed over West to go to Selfridges to have a look around. Also needed to pick up some bits for my girl as her knee strain doesn't appear to be getting better. After picking that up I headed to Selfridges to hopefully find the solution to my coat issue which has arisen due to me tearing a hole in my other. It was difficult to not get distracted here as there was a lot of decent clothing on show. I refrained from any elaborate purchases and also from getting a coat grrr. This wasn't due to not seeing anything decent just that I could see myself getting a lot.

I decided to move on and went to Boots again to pick up some other bits and this is where the mood change kicked in. My children's mother berated me on not spending enough quality time with my children in her usual panache and colourful language. Let me jump into third person perspective here and am I hearing things. I'm the one who wants to be involved more. I see it as just trying to instigate something from nothing as I have set up a structure so she gets regular money from me to support her and I just see this as low. Still though it was a knock to the confidence as I hate feeling like I am letting my children down.

Sulked it off on the Underground and when I finally got to Elephant and Castle time was clearly not on my side. It was getting dark as well but the moon I saw wasn't what I anticipated. On descending into the subway to get to the shopping centre and catch my train I came across Big Momma and she must have thought she was in her house as she wasn't holding back. Craned up against a wall and taking a pit stop, it wasn't a nice site and neither was it her acknowledging me and that she had got some on her shoe - disgusting haha.
The rest of the night was pretty much low key, enjoyed some Chinese Duck though. Definitely one of my favourite dishes wrapping it in the pancake with cucumber and the dip - You know this is the one. Anyway today has been a quiet one at work with no real action. Rushed home this evening to see my children and I can see that my boy needs a lot of attention at the moment as his little mind is constantly looking for entertainment. Just wish that they weren't used as pawns as they are beautiful children and I hate not being around them all the time.

We played for a short while and after they were picked up I headed to my girls to look after her as she isn't feeling too good and is a bit in the wars at the moment. Couldn't pick her up a Purple Heart so got her some medicine instead. Bus journeys take so long although I am trying to sort out a car but as usual these things can take time. England finally won tonight and having lost interest in the national team lately I'm glad that we've finally stepped up. I did watch the first 30 minutes but it seemed very lacklustre and listening to the news now and speaking to my brother it sounds like it was Stevie G who was the inspiration.
It's a shame though that I expect the press to nail Lampard now who wasn't playing but hey give me £100,000 a week and I would happily take the pressure haha. I know it's not all about the money as I love Frank but wish the press would be more understanding sometimes. The final score was 3-0 with Gerrard getting two and Nugent getting the third from a Defoe shot. Going off to bed now, nervous that I am going to be struck down ill like my girl, especially with the hierarchy at work making me feel like Davy Jones owns my soul at times. Oh well the beat goes on...