Thursday, March 01, 2007

2-0 and you still don't sing

Today my journey to work was not as eventful as the day before but it consisted of me being the fastest man on Earth. Well at least I thought anyway as I was like a bat out of hell. Grr anything but the bat reference as that brings back bad memories from yesterday haha. After getting to work it seemed like it wasn't so busy so played for a day off tomorrow and I was lucky enough to get granted. Once the end of tax year rolls in I won't be so lucky so figured I would make the most of this, especially as my girl is off on holiday this weekend.

After work we were set to go out for a few drinks but we were running a little late and things didn't go to plan so we walked around Bromley for a while debating on what to do. After much erm'ing and arr'ing we decided to head back to her house and that was the order of play. Dust of your shoulders as we know our matter of principle. Just going to watch Aliens and relax with a few drinks...