Monday, March 26, 2007

We need stunt doubles

Had a bad end to last night and felt rough this morning as well, figured that due to having bad headaches in the past that I would have a day off sick. Sent a message to my manager and then after taking some paracetamol I crashed out. Woke up several hours later and figured screwing as hadn't phoned in. Phoned through and all seemed alright, figured my attempts of humour in the past had led them to believe I was joking.

Lazed around for a few hours feeling sorry for myself and then managed to get back in the game and headed over to Bluewater as I tore a hole in my coat and needed to pick up another one. Takes an age to get there and today was no different as although the buses are cheaper than cabs you do have to travel about with some proper smelly people (of vinegar), stampede's of school children, wannabe gangstas and the people who blare out there phone music like they are pioneers.

Got there in the end and raced to a place to eat as having only eaten a Pop Tart for the day doesn't keep you going until early evening. After eating we done a few laps and didn't come anywhere close to getting any clothing although I did find a decent Paul Smith T Shirt but with needing to get a car that's more appealing than a T Shirt. Lately I have been quite accident prone and feel like an injured pet with one of those Satellite Dishes to stop them licking it as I have no aspect of my surroundings.

Walking into walls and whatever else gets in my path. I'm not injured yet though but my girl on the otherhand has proper done her knee in at the moment and I think coming to Bluewater was not what the doctor ordered as it really aggrevated her injury and in the end I was pushing her about in the buggy. Okay so I wasn't really as the buggy was occupied by someone who joined our group - Dora the Explorer. That's right and for five pound she can be your guest of honour as well. The sad thing was though that in the last shop we went into, Dora left us possibly to go on more exploring adventures or just that I forgot to grab her and left her in the shop.

It took an age to get home especially with the detour to mine to pick up some bits but we got back in the end even though we were at crawling pace. Night and get well soon my dear...