Monday, March 19, 2007

...and the blustery day

Feeling a bit rough today, not sure why to be honest but that's being ill for you. Not that ill but feel like a Space Cadet today, suppose it's the Monday feeling eating away at me. Took me all morning to get out of first gear and still now I have a headache. Grr hurry up weekend I say haha. Had a good one though and looking forward to many more nights out with my girl as we have a good laugh. After having a quiet Mother's Day yesterday and seeing my children for a few hours I headed there last night to just relax and watch a DVD.

Today has been a strange one as the weather seems all over the place in much the same way as me then haha. With today being a blue day I hope it's a blue night as well with Chelsea facing Spurs for the FA Cup Quarter Final replay. Sheva seems on good form at the moment and with Drogba one goal away from thirty this season hopefully one will put away a chance. With JT back as well I think it's unlikely we will we be as giving to their attacking players !!