Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What to do with sleeping dogs

I am scratching my head, I am humming a song, I am wondering about things but do I question it. No ! It's all about the positives and I am like a Gazelle bounding off soon as work is almost over and today has been a strange one. Feel like I don't get much sleep lately but then again sleeping takes up valuable time anyway and I am far too busy exploring. Need to make it my port of call this weekend to pick up some brochures for holidays as want to get away this year even if only for a week to do some exploring.

Going to be a short one today but will have more noise tomorrow as Chelsea will hopefully close the gap on United, I'll find a mysterious lamp on the train home and will be running out with Ronaldinho tomorrow and living in Spain with my own vineyard. Maybe even slay a dragon to sound dramatic, fingers crossed hey...