Thursday, March 15, 2007

Super Freak

Got my haircut today and I my hairdressers is wicked, he supports Chelsea and the guy cuts a wicked do as well. My girl met me over there which was wicked of her. Wish our journeys were more straight forward though to be honest as there is always a delay or something that leads to them taking forever. Oh well though we got there in the end. She sat with me for a while but then headed off to the shops for me to meet up with her later. When we met she tried on a well nice dress but it was see through grr, why is it that with good clothes there is always something not right. There was bothing right about some coart I tried on as I felt likethe Super Freak in Beatfreakz haha. After we had a few drinks and something to eat and then travelled home by horse and cart haha. Not really but it's a long old journey and at the end I felt like it took up months of my life !!