Thursday, March 22, 2007

And the beat goes on !!

Okay so not sure whats going on in the picture above but looks fun. Today was eventful as it started with a bang as I was running later than usual but managed to run for the bus and get the trains to work on time'ish. Budget took place yesterday and news seems dominated with random stories about it just being a booster for Gordan Brown. I know not everyone likes him but I think that he is alright, not interested in the politics but I felt for him a few years back when he lost his child and I thought he came across real. Whether he makes a good leader is anyone's guess but I hope he will be more than just a puppet.

Had training today at work and I was the top boy in my group as I got all the questions right and received a handful of Maoam's and Worther's Originals. Oh Yeah !! Work seemed to drag today, after tearing it up yesterday with working through a lot it didn't seem like I got out of first gear even though I tried. Attempted to see my children but got the expected attitude then was accused of implying but hey big carpets don't hide the truth. Then it's all for one and one for all. Headed to my girl's but had to detour due to her daughter's father and parents coming around. Figured I would get bored wandering about so decided to go on an Adventure.

Probably sounds well random but I could amuse myself anywhere, first I walked around a Tile shop but had visions of a Bull in a China shop so made a sharp exit. Then went in Curry's now here my imagination started running a little as I was intrigued by all the electrical goods. Want so much but the majority is going to likely remain in my pipe of dreams for a while haha felt like a shoplifter after a few laps though. Next I headed to PC World and from feeling like a Bull in a China shop earlier I was now like a kid in a Sweetie shop.

Computers and software are soo my thing and I mooched about checking out the new Vista setups. I am thinking of getting a Pink Sony Vaio Laptop just because I feel like it and it looked novelty haha. At work earlier we learnt how to flip people's screen display (Alt + Arrow Key) so I was like the naughty child walking about switching the display on the screens haha. I was in here a while and eventually started a conversation with some fellas there about the Playstation 3 which launches tomorrow. Checking the launch range I would have only picked it up for the Formula One game but didn't think it was worth the cost for one game. Asked about preorders and how many they had in stock I was informed fifteen. I asked how many were preordered and was told two, kind of glad that I didn't pick up a load to put on Ebay as it doesn't look like it's been in that high demand.

After here I headed to my girls to cheer her up as her visitors had moved on. Felt like a geek at points today as think I was the emotional kid haha. Read something sad on the train that brought tears to my eyes and my girl seemed down earlier and it brought tears to my eyes as well. Felt like that episode of Friends where Chandler can't stop crying. Oh my it's happening again...