Friday, March 02, 2007

The hills have eyes and so do I

So the day off was eventful, we decided to go to Bluewater and what a journey it was as two buses was a mission. Still though we can say that it's something we have achieved haha. Visited the bank on the way and what do I have to do to make them like me as I still have some bodge card that doesn't allow me to do anything. It's my money let me spend it haha. The pictures attached to this post are random and if you don't follwo then that's the whole purpose, they are art, I am art, I am futuristic and I like Red Jumpsuit Aparatus as that's what I am listening to in the future while blinking and clapping hmmmmmmm.....

Composed myself now and here goes as if the two pictures above were a spot the difference then it can clearly be seen that it looks like I have a glass eye. Laugh as you may but I don't laugh back just in a sinister way and I think that in getting the Hills have Eyes to watch was my revenge haha