Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Note to the wise

Reading through yesterdays post forgot to write that one of the main points was taking my phone to the O2 store to be repaired. I know the phone is broken the person in the store took one look and said it had water damage but the woman who I phoned at the customer services wanted to go through the books and needed me to send across a form telling her so. What this means is that my phone is now out of the game for a fortnight and I am left using an older phone.
Very annoying especially as speaking to another fella in the store he informs me that I should have just said that it got dropped as I was insured. So this post is just for anyone out there thinking of claiming on the insurance just report the phone mullarled, smashed to pieces or whatever just don't do it the legitimate way. Yes it's misleading but then you get the replacement the next day not given an approximate of fourteen days plus grrrrrrrrr...