Saturday, March 24, 2007

Under starters orders

With yesterday being the launch or beginning if you like of the Playstation 3 in Europe (launched in Japan and US at the end of last year) today was the start of something new for me as well. So far my children and my girlfriend and her daughter haven't met each other as their mother didn't approve but today it was all systems go. Had a bad start though as my phone has decided to finally pass away, going to try and get it sorted out in the week but currently it just does not charge anymore. Been getting worse this whole week so it was typical that it would break when most needed. Luckily for me there was a spare phone to hand so I was able to orchestrate picking them up and then head to my girls.

Was good them all coming together finally and the plan for the day was for us to head to Plumsted for my friends daughters Baptism. My girl plans to get her daughter Baptised soon which should be eventful as not sure how the fathers family will warm to me but then again they have no reason to hold anything against me. Anyway cross that bridge when we come to it and today was all about my friends daughter Baptism. We took a while getting ready but personally I think the clocks went forward midday as we lost two hours. That was manly due to us playing around with the children. We had fun though and the poem my daughter wrote us was really sweet. We arrived at the Church in my usual timing with minutes to spare and settled down for the service.
It passed quite quickly and my friends daughter was an Angel as she was quiet through the service. So were our children as well, I was nervous that my son would yell something out and at one point he did come across like a heckler in the background but it went well. I went to the priest afterwards to acknowledge that I thought he had really made the day with the way he had conducted the service and he appeared flattered. From here we went to the party and spent a few hours here. Was good and it was a shame that we couldn't stay longer as the children were settled but we needed to get going as were heading out for a couple of hours in the evening. Was sad dropping my children off as they really created but it's something I've had to come to terms with over the last year although it doesn't get easier. Least it shows that if they leave me like that then they had a good time I suppose. Hopefully there will be a lot more occasions where we can go out with all the children. With me getting my driving license through today then a lot more opportunities are going to open up once I get my car...