Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back of the net!

With my Girl going to college today I figured that it would be the ideal opportunity to get Boy started in his Football career. He was full of energy calling me first thing to make sure that I was going to let him wear his Chelsea kit. The only thing being it wasn't here, checked in at my parents house and they also said that it wasn't there. Figured I would head over as I needed to pick up some football boots for him. When I got to my parents I checked the kids clothing draw and there was the kit, result!

From here I headed straight for Football to meet their mother and the kids to get him started. He was really enthusiastic with his demeanour, rocking out his walk in the way only he knows how. First task for him in his age category was to touch all for walls of the five-a-side pitch I helped him here a little. Next up was passing and a boy selected him and knocked the ball to his feet. Just like the commercial where the guy just thumps the ball this was the result here. I was cracking up so much.

He played some more passing games and Foxes and Rabbits which is where they have to play a form of It and get the bibs from each other. Me and my daughter watched on and were laughing hard at his antics. She did well as it was very windy and cold and when she wasn't on my shoulders she was playing her Nintendo DS. The DS took a couple of batterings as it fell out of her pocket a few times.

At the end of the training the kids separated into teams and played some matches. It's great seeing them all chase around one area trying to scrap for some action, why don't the professionals play this way ha? In one of the older age groups someone broke their arm so probably not advisable to be rough. With youngsters though there is no malice or is there control just a real hit and hope. My Boy got the ball and had a shot at his own goal, in a real match I think that would have been heavily frowned upon ha!

All in all a good morning for him, we headed over to Bluewater for a look about and I got the low down from my Girl about her college. She had been really nervous but speaking to her she was full of anticipation and excited about getting involved. Got a few more of these sessions to go to but it's looking really positive and I am excited with her!