Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So close, yet so far...

Today I didn't have my head screwed on properly, I had to take over the children's school uniforms as part of Wednesday Club. I forgot... Luckily though my girl put them in the porch so whilst her part of the Club night took place I swooped in under cloak vision. Or as widely referred to the blind being down ha! It did make me chuckle rolling up and seeing everything shut up. I should have put a prop in the front garden like a statue or symbol. The wicked images filling up in my head now, I just have to eject them though as I didn't go through with anything.

Arriving to see my children I was greeted by the news that my boy was misbehaving but I soon put him in his place and after food we got to playing. The games started with hot potato but this quickly changed as I was always the first one out. Thanks guys! We then played where we had to throw the ball about and yell out food names. This went on for ages and was a good laugh whilst in the background Chelsea and Man Utd were going about their games. Both taking the lead which was good. For Man Utd Ronaldo is unplayable at the moment and on a different level to everyone else.

I dropped the kids off and then got home to following the rest of the action whilst my Girl watched Project Catwalk. You hear nothing from me about her watching this but she wasn't best pleased with me being absorbed into the PC following the matches on Sky. Sorry darling but I hope that one day you will understand my love for football. I mean at least I am not the boyfriend who treats the Pub like a Church and is down there all the time paying my respects. Anyway the matches finished and I am sitting here fuming that yet again Avram the nearly man has taken us close but not close enough. Scoring four goals you expect to win but conceding four you know that you aren't really title contenders!