Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Elect me...

That's right I am running for Mayor of London as I signed up to London Elects You and I am feeling confident. If you didn't receive the mailer from Facebook then here it is again ha -

I'm not expecting to win or come anywhere near the top so please don't mail me looking for answers or complaining about your Train being late! Instead just send over your credit card details and I'll go on an expensive holiday and say that it was for research purposes! Say Cheeeese!!

Could do with a holiday as it goes and I will be leaving the country soon to go back to the Island. Not Ibiza dear's I am going back to Lanzarote with my girl and the crew, really looking forward to it as well. Plus I have been saving my tokens from the Sun and I am hoping to sort out a Sun Holiday as well soon as well as a trip to Alton Towers!!! Busy, busy! Tonight I headed over to Dawson Heights to see my children and my younger siblings. Everyone else was out for the evening! It was good news from the children's schools as both had received praise for their good work. The Chelsea match was taking place this evening and I watched most of the first 45 minutes to see Frank Lampard and Michael Ballack score the goals. The third coming once I had arrived back at my Girls. Looking forward to the Quarter Finals now, will we avoid the English teams?!?!?!